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Getaway to Penticton This Winter

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We all know Penticton has a hot spot during the summer months, but we should acknowledge it’s pretty great in the winter as well. Our city boasts some pretty wonderful winter activities for everyone. Located between 2 of the major Okanagan lakes, it’s the perfect spot.

A Penticton Winter Getaway Guide

Skiing and Snowboarding

The Okanagan has some of the world best skiing and snowboarding destinations in the world. With mountains such as Big White, Sun Peaks and Apex Mountain Resort. Staying on those hills can be quite expensive, but Penticton offers and affordable place to stay after a long day of runs.

Local Winter Biking and Snowshoeing

Penticton is surrounded by world-class mountain biking trails. Many people think that biking is a summer activity, but you can get special bike tires made for the snow. If biking isn’t your thing, you can grab a pair of snowshoes and hike up the various hills and mountains surrounding the city.

Winter Wineries

The common misconception is that the many wineries around Penticton close during the winter. Many of these wineries stay open, and since it’s the off-season you won’t have to deal with the summer crowds. We would suggest stopping by Poplar Grove in Naramata, it’s one of the best and oldest wineries in Penticton.

Ice Fishing

Ever wanted to try your hand at ice fishing? With some many lakes around Penticton, it’s the best place to try it. We suggest finding a local company to take you ice fishing as it’s a bit hard and dangerous to go out on your own.

If you are planning an extended winter getaway in Penticton, we offer great storage deals. Right now you can get your first month for only $1. Don’t bring your wet ski equipment home, store it with us. Perfect for those snowbirds looking to get away.


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