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why we LOVE Penticton

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Ah, the great Okanagan. Home to Kelowna, Penticton and Osoyoos. These 3 cities are top vacations spots for many of us here in BC. The lakes, and the sun, no better way to relax. But today lets focus on why we love Penticton.

Why we love Penticton

The Lake

Lake Okanagan is massive, its stretches from Kelowna all the way down to Osoyoos. Perfect for boating, swimming, and relaxing. Whatever your fancy, a day on the lake is the perfect remedy for any blues. In Penticton, we recommended staying on the North Side of the lake, as that’s where the action is, casino, bars, and marinas.

The River Raft

No one goes to Penticton and does not take a trip down the famous coyote river cruise. Its a small fee of 6$ for a return trip if you bring your own floatie. We recommend this, as you can go up and down as many times as you like. Even better, grab one from Canadian Tire down the road that fits 4+ people and make an entire day out of it. But make sure to bring sunscreen, its a 4 hour trip without shade.

The Nightlife

A great place for the young and the restless. Start your night at the casino, no need to gamble, but there is a great bar called “The Parrot” which boasts great pizza and cheap drinks. From there its almost customary to move on to “The Mule” its more of a nightclub, and the cover can be pricey at $15, but its well worth it. Around the corner there are some great food trucks to grab some grub at when you are danced out.

Its obvious why we at Stop and Store Penticton love it so much. We are proud to be part of the community, and to help with its storage needs.