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Wildfire Preparation Checklist

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This year has broken many records in the Okanagan. Not all of them good and especially not the amount of wildfires we have had. In the event that a wildfire reaches you, do you know what to do? Stop and Store Penticton has just the list you need to ensure you are prepared.

Wildfire Prep

Evacuation Plan

Fire moves really fast, this leaves you with almost no time to prepare when it hits. You need to be ready to go beforehand. You will realize the hard way if you fail to have an evacuation plan in place before the time comes. You should know where you are going and what you are bringing with you.

Wildfire Checklist:

  • Emergency Bag

In this bag you will have everything you need to survive. Food, clothes, water, flashlights, first aid kit, medicine, etc. This is the most important thing you need so make sure to pack it well and it’s easy to get to

  • Pets

Many people don’t think about their pets beforehand, leaving many stranded and in need of homes. Make sure to have extra pet food and water in advance of disaster.

  • Cash

Many places won’t have power if a fire strikes your town. Carrying cash is always a good backup when you need supplies.

  • Roles

Everyone in your household needs to have a role. If each person does a task when the time comes, it will be done much quicker. By making sure everyone knows beforehand what to do, you will be able to evacuate in the blink of an eye. Coordinating with neighbors helps too.

At Stop and Store Penticton we try to make sure your items are safe and secure in your storage locker. We have extended hours to be able to let you get your items in a moments notice.