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September 15, 2020
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Can I Transfer to a Larger or Smaller Unit?

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So you rented one of our smaller units, thinking at the time that it was large enough for all you planned to store. Then, as time goes by you fill it up and realize you could really use a larger unit and kick yourself for not making that choice upfront. Our property managers help you decide what size will work best for you when you visit our office, but sometimes the end result can vary after time goes by from what the tenant and the manager discussed when signing a lease.

Then you ask yourself, “Can I transfer my stuff to a larger self storage unit?” The answer in most cases is yes. You can also transfer to a smaller unit if you over-estimated how much space you needed and now you can tell you will never use it all.

How to Transfer Unit

Example Scenario 1:

It all starts out when you call our rental office and decide on which unit size will work for you. Together with the property manager, you decide on, let’s say, a 7×7 unit. Then a few months go by and you realize that even though you had hoped the 7×7 was going to be enough space, it just isn’t working anymore. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t fit any more of your belongings in the unit. At this point, you need to decide if you should rent an additional 7×7 unit, or move your stuff to a larger 7×10 unit.

In most cases, renting a larger unit will be less expensive than renting an additional smaller unit. Check with the property manager to make sure the size you want is available. Remember though, you will need to move all of your belongings from the 7×7 to the 7×10. Our property manager will gladly try to find a larger unit as close to your existing unit as possible. However, if the only 7×10 available is on the other side of the property and there is a 7×7 two units down, you may want to decide on the additional unit rather than the transfer. Then you can simply transfer your rental agreement to the larger 7×10 unit or add the additional 7×7 unit to your rental agreement.

Example Scenario 2:

You have rented a 7×16 self storage unit because you are listing your home for sale. You need a large unit because you want to move all of your non-essential belongings and furniture out of your home in order to stage it for the realtor. After several months go by, you sell your home, and that is fantastic news! Plus, you have already found the home of your dreams and plan to move in very soon. You plan to move all of your furniture from your 7×16 storage unit into your new home.

After moving day, and you have everything from your storage unit in your new home that you want, you notice there are still quite a few items you would rather keep in storage. However, there is no way you need that large 7×16 anymore. You decide that you can make do with a 7×10 unit and still have room to add some things down the road if you want. You even realize that you no longer need the temperature control unit since what you are storing will be fine in a standard unit.

Here are a couple of pointers to follow when considering adding a storage unit or transferring to a different unit size:

  • Talk to the property manager on site. Our managers are thoroughly trained and can help you decide which unit size is best for your needs.
  •  Make a list of what you know you will be storing, and what you anticipate you may store in the future.
  • Be aware of items that are sensitive to the temperature that you plan to store. If you plan to keep boxes of photographs, family heirloom furniture, or valuable clothing in your unit.
  •  Think about how you want to access your unit. If you plan to move large items frequently or want quick access at all times, a drive-up unit may be the best option. If you don’t plan to access the unit frequently or would rather be inside the building when accessing your items, an interior unit may make the most sense.
  • Making the decision to add or transfer units requires some forethought. If you chose the wrong unit size from the beginning, be sure you don’t make that mistake again. And, if circumstances have changed for you – like moving into a new home – you want to ensure you choose the correct unit size for your future needs.

We are always there to help! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek advice from the property manager to ensure you make the right decision.


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