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Moving? Here Are 3 Rooms to Unpack First

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About to move? Something you probably haven’t thought of is which rooms you should unpack first. It can be a very important thing to note as if you are doing a large move, these rooms are key. If you think you have better ideas for which rooms your should unpack first, let us know!

Unpack These Rooms First

1. Bathroom

bathroom, toilet, sink

If you are doing the moving yourself, you know the hard work that it takes to move all those boxes. Also, if you have family or friends helping, you want to make sure that they can use the bathroom at the new place. A good rule of thumb is the pack and load the bathroom last, and as soon as you get to your new place, quickly unpack soap, toilet paper and towels for you and your helpers to use. You don’t need to unpack all the bathrooms immediately, just one central one that people can use.

bedroom, moving, unpack

2. Bedroom

Once you arrive at your new location, get started unloading the “essential” bedroom items. Bed, clothes, sheets, pillows etc. Get all that stuff setup before you continue the unloading to the new location (let others continue unloading while you setup the bedroom). Reasons for this are, when you are finally done moving everything into your new place, you are going to be so very tired. So tired in fact, all you are going to want to do is shower and lie down/sleep. Good news if you followed this guide so far, the bathroom and bedroom can be used!

3. Kitchen

kitchen, moving, unpack

Moving is hungry work. Make sure that you can actually feed yourself and your helpers properly. Another reason for this is that some food might be prone to spoiling (milk, cheese, fruit). You are going to want to get them into the fridge as soon as you can. It’s wasteful and annoying to forget and have to go buy new groceries after all that hard work moving.

If you feel like you will forget something during your move, checkout this great guide on things you should find before you move.

With these 3 rooms unpacked, you will be able to live without needing to unpack anything else very urgently. You can sleep, bathe and eat while you unpack all the rest. If you need some extra space, give us a call and we can set you up a storage unit in minutes!