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November 19, 2019
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Organize Your Storage to Save Space & Dollars

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Save Space and Money in Your Storage Unit

  1. Store the Keepers and Get Rid of the Doubtful.

    Before you pay to store an item, pause for a moment – just a gut decision – is this something I will need or which is an heirloom? There is no point in putting things which “maybe I might use in the future”. If it’s not clear give it away to a friend or donate to charity.  This also has the benefits of saving space for items with real value and also means you will pay for a smaller unit

  2. Use Boxes and Pack Tight.

    Most people never use all the height inside their unit. If you use good boxes and pack things tightly you can stack boxes 5, 6 or even 7 high.  Just be sure to put heavy objects in small boxes and put heavy items on the bottom. Put light objects like Christmas ornaments in big boxes and put them on top. Oh yes – label the boxes with a black marker or stick-on labels – when you are digging for something you suddenly need you will be soo glad you marked the boxes.

  3. Things You Use go in Last.

    Think about boxes and objects before stacking. Seasonal items and things you use each year (luggage, tools, camping gear) are the boxes to put in last and keep upfront near the door.

  4. Furniture Goes Upright.

    Use the height of your unit with mattress, bed frames, headboards, mirrors and chests of drawers. If possible, take the legs off any tables. If the legs are not removable then store items under the table as well as on top. And the drawers can be good places to store – just hang some labels on the drawer pulls to remind you what you put in there. Check out these great furniture moving tips.

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