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The Cost of Self Storage

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Don’t let the cost of self storage be a mystery to you. Do your self and your wallet a favor and be knowledgeable about the real costs associated with renting self storage. Still, confused? At Stop and Store Penticton, we are going to break it down for you and make sure you get the best prices.

Self Storage Cost

These are good tips to take away for any purchase, be smart, and ask questions.


Make sure to shop around when you are looking for self storage. We know that location is very important when our customers are looking for a place to store. The internet is your best friend in this search, as many self storage websites have prices listed for some of their units. If not, give them a quick call to get a rundown of prices.

Read Everything

By everything, we mean it all. Some storage companies have little details in the fine print that could influence your decision. At Stop and Store Penticton, we are very upfront about our policies, prices, and fees. Make sure whatever company you choose is up front as well. The last thing you want is a giant bill.


Don’t go in blind to self storage. Make sure that you have a set budget and stick to it. Many people do not make a budget and cannot afford their rent at the end of the month. This is how your stuff goes on auction! Do not let that be you.


Always search around for deals and promotions. At Stop and Store Penticton, we have the best promotions in town. You can see them right here. Many companies have incentives for first-time renters and this could help your budget out immensely, be smart, and find a deal!

We hope that this has helped you to figure out the real cost of self storage. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our storage experts.


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