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August 14, 2018
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Goodbye Summer! (Almost)

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It’s that time of year again. Mid August, summer is coming to a close, back to school is looming. Parents wait in anticipation to regain their days again. You’ve gardened, dug and played in the sun, but now its time to start to thinking about putting those toys and tools away. Its never too late to start thinking about where you want to store these things. Stop and Store Penticton might just be your best choice.

Goodbye Summer Checklist

Tools and Equipment

Rakes, shovels, mowers and anything else that you used during the spring and summer months has no place in the winter weather we get in Penticton. Maybe keep a shovel or two for the snow, but the rest can be stored away until next year. Before you store these items be sure to wash them down with a hose, get rid of the dirt and  let them dry in the sun for a day or two.

Seeds and Soil

This stuff can sometimes stay outside. But in Penticton the weather will surely freeze it solid. Its a better idea to place it into an air tight container and get it into storage. Seeds are always better kept inside during the winter as they can be easily ruined by cold weather and extreme temperature changes.

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Chances are you will not use that hammock or patio set in November. These items can easily be ruined by the snow and rain, discoloration is a common thing. Protect your investment in these items and pack them away accordingly. But give them a thorough clean before hand.

We hope this has helped you get a start on your fall storage. Units fill up fast this time of year as people look to store away items. Contact us today to ensure there is a unit available for you.



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