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July 21, 2016
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How to Store Wine

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Penticton is known for its wineries. We have tons and tons of them. The whole Okanagan Valley is world renowned for its wine. But how do you store it properly? Have no fear Pentictonites Stop and Store is here to help!

How to properly store wine.

When storing wine, its called “Laying It Down”, simply means that unlike other spirits, when storing wine, you must lay the bottle on its side. Why? Keep reading.


Wine is very very sensitive to the elements and its important that you have the temperature in your unit controlled. What temperature do you want it store? Between 7 and 18 degrees is perfect, it prevents the wine from cooking and the corks drying out. Never let your wine freeze, when the bottle freezes, the wine inside expands and pushes the cork out, resulting in a giant mess and ruined wine.

Keep it dark

Wine doesn’t like the light, UV rays can spoil even the best wine. Wine bottles are made to be dark to help keep out some UV rays, but not all. Allowing wine to sit in the sun for extended periods of time will ruin it. Wine is expensive, keep it from spoiling.

Keep it moist

Humidity is a huge reason for corks drying out, you want to keep your unit from between 50% to 80% humidity. When storing for a long time, think 10 plus years, its important to keep the humidity constant.

Lay it down

The term doesn’t come from just the act of laying the bottles down, yes its good and efficient for storing lots of wine, but it also has another effect. It keeps the corks moist! Its very beneficial even with plastic or wax corks as well.

Don’t move it

Leave it and forget it, once the wine has settled its bad to move it about. Particles float to the bottom and if moved around it will cause a grainy taste when drinking.

Now you know how to store your great Penticton wines! Stop and Store Penticton has plenty of storage space for all your wine bottles!