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They Turned This Storage Container into a Beautiful Home

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We know that homes are expensive, but do they have to be? Apparently not. This amazing human has turned an average everyday storage container into a stunning home. How did they do it? Stop and Store Penticton has the answers, after all, we know storage better than anyone. Be prepared to be amazed.

Storage Container Turned Stunning Home

We can’t say you should attempt this, but its quite something to look at.

Looks Normal Enough Right?

storage container Well aside from the obvious door, table, chairs and potted plants. This is just your standard shipping container you see on trains and cargo ships all around the world. But something very special is waiting inside.

A Fully Furnished Interior Living Space

If we have just one complaint it would be the 70’s style wood paneling. However, we assume its necessary due to wanting to cover up the metal walls and provide some insulation. However, look closely and you can see a full kitchen, overhead lighting and even windows!

storage container

That’s Not All

With a full stocked kitchen, including cabinets and shelves, someone clearly took the time to make this into a real, livable home. An added benefit of this home being its somewhat fireproof. You would only really lose whats inside, but the structure would still be standing, ready for rebuilding.

storage container

Full Bedroom and Bathroom

Can’t really ask for more. In suite laundry and even air conditioning. Why would you ever want to live somewhere else?

storage container

This unique storage container turned home is part of what some are calling “The Small Home Movement”. This is a group of people tired of living beyond their needs, including large and unnecessary homes. While this storage container seems like quite the idea, it can be extremely dangerous. This is because, these storage containers are meant to withstand the elements of the environments in which they are placed. These containers are coated with extremely toxic paints meant to keep seawater from rusting the inside and outside of the metal. Special preparation to remove these substances is needed in order to have a safe environment to live in.

If you want to rent your own storage container (not to live in) contact Stop and Store Penticton today!